Mr. Fuschino currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the company. Mr. Fuschino is the President of Friggi N.A. Inc.  a sector leader and partner to the most important international players of the steel and aluminum cutting industry.  Friggi's worldwide market share within the sector includes: 30% Italy, 40% Europe and 30% North America and Japan. During his tenure with Friggi, Mr. Fuschino formulated the business plan to introduce Italian products to North America, set up a distribution network, and managed and maintained network and customer relations.   Mr. Fuschino studied business, political science and economics at the University of Western Ontario, as well as marketing and communications at the University of Windsor.


Garry serves on the company's Board of Directors as the Chair of the Audit Committee.  Garry is a professional accountant with over 30 years of experience representing clients by leading tax and compliance departments of numerous public firms.  Mr. Honcoop currently serves as a principal for the public accounting firm Micacchi Warnick & Company Professional Corporation Chartered Accountants.  Mr. Honcoop attended Wilfrid Laurier University and has completed the in-depth tax and audit program from the ICAO and is a member of STEP.  Mr. Honcoop is experienced in oversight and audit functions of public companies and is charged with oversight and transparency of the company's  financial reporting.